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Colin O’Connor - Johns Hopkins Track & Field

I’ve known Ian for over three years now and he has continuously supported me as I progress through the various stages of my early technology sales career. Every time I have spoken with Ian, it always feels like he is present and listening — even when our calls are unscheduled and impromptu.  I have seen the commitment and pride Ian puts into the Cannon Project both first- and second-hand. I recently was personally going through an internal, enterprise sales interview process (from mid-market) for the second time because I hadn’t made the cut the first time around. This time, I was able to get the mentoring and support from Ian to help me stand out during the interview process and land the role I had wanted for over a year. Second-hand, I have had two friends I referred over to the Cannon Project and Ian set up time with them just twenty minutes after my initial introduction. Within a week of the initial introduction, both of these friends landed interviews with some of New York and San Francisco’s fastest growing technology companies. Needless to say, the Cannon Project and its founding operator, Ian, are top-tier forces when it comes to nurturing those with the drive and commitment into the best sales talent. Whether you are just leaving college and looking for your first job or a few years into your sales career, I highly recommend the Cannon Project.

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Ben Dann - Brown Rowing

After connecting through a mutual friend, Ian shared his extensive network with me when I arrived as a job candidate in San Francisco. He goes out of his way to help, and I could not recommend him more as a person who brings a high level of energy and urgency to any challenge. As we both come from team sports backgrounds, I value Ian's ability to leverage his communication, work ethic, and passion for achieving winning results.

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Ellie Jamison - University of Virginia

A few months after moving to San Francisco, my company unexpectedly went under and I was looking for other opportunities in a city with few connections. Within a week, Ian had set me up with numerous contacts for job opportunities and helped give me the confidence to interview with competitive startups. After receiving offers, Ian then helped me best evaluate the different companies, roles, and career paths as a supportive, non-biased resource. This whole process would have been a lot harder without Ian and I’d recommend anyone that is looking to grow their career in sales or tech to work with him to find that perfect fit!

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Lauren Creath - Tufts Track & Field

After two years of working in finance, I knew I needed a career change but had no idea where to begin or what I wanted to do.  Before meeting with Ian, I thought tech companies only consisted of engineering and sales teams, and didn't think there was a place for me.  Ian took the time to understand my strengths and what I wanted in a career.  He educated me about the structure of SaaS startups and recommended Customer Success as a path I should look into.  Ian then connected me to his network of CSMs, so I could learn more about the role.  I am now finishing up my second year as a CSM and love it.  Ian has continued to be a valuable resource for me, and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for career guidance or mentorship!

Jake Doyle - Vassar Baseball

After my very first conversation with Ian I realized he was extremely passionate about helping driven, high-achieving student-athletes break into tech sales.  It was also clear that he had a very simple plan on how to do it. Within just weeks he introduced me to friends in his network and set me up with simple projects to help prepare for the interviewing process.  Simultaneously Ian and I were speaking regularly to determine what types of startups I should be looking at, as well as how to evaluate these companies. Ian was then quickly able to get me an interview through a simple connection of the Cannon Project.  

Ian’s help did not stop once I secured an interview.  He was an invaluable resource in preparation for the interview, constantly giving advice and feedback at any time of the day, 7 days a week.  He was very knowledgeable on what types of questions I should expect and how I could prepare for them. I was able to secure an offer after just one interview and I cannot thank Ian enough, he truly was the key to the whole process.


Pedro Robinson - Dartmouth Football

I met Ian through a reference from an ex-colleague 2 months back when looking for a new job in startup technology sales. I didn’t know where to start coming from a larger firm like Palantir, and Ian was able to quickly bring clarity to a career in start-up technology sales over a dinner meeting in NYC. He was enthusiastic about helping me and gave sound, reasonable advice that I had yet to hear from other contacts in the field. Ian shared with me criteria around evaluating and choosing winning companies using market data and, but more importantly explained how to find winning people willing to invest in my success.

After our initial dinner meeting, he began making introductions to his network and set me up with relevant contacts are companies hired. He made sure I was evaluating hypergrowth seed, Series A and B companies with strong leadership, upside, and sales culture. Prior to meeting Ian an evaluation process this specific was not on my radar.

After six weeks following his advice, I was in a position where I had several job offers on the table and ready to accept a new role. This did not feel like a job hunt or a transactional recruiting process - I feel as though every person I met with through Ian I I can lean on down the road for career advice and mentorship. I hope he is able to help and bring more early employees into his network (I’ve already introduced him to current seniors at Dartmouth) because he truly understands the NY and SF technology market and how to quickly position candidates for long-term career success.

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David Eick - US National Team Rowing

I’ve known Ian for the past 6 years, first in a collegiate athletics setting where we competed against UVA and more recently in a competitive business setting selling software at Leanplum. Upon retiring from the US National Rowing team in 2016, I moved to SF in search for a job in tech. I quickly reconnected with Ian and he introduced me to 3 early stage software looking for a hungry high impact player to help scale their sales team. He gave me phenomenal career advice on how I should be approaching the interview process and I landed a job within a few weeks of moving. Highly recommend his positivity and fully endorse The Cannon Project - looking forward what’s to come!

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Emily Gray - UNC Club Soccer

When I was looking to move from North Carolina to San Francisco, I had trouble finding a SaaS sales position without any connections. I’m so lucky to have met Ian through a mutual friend because I couldn’t have found my job (or roommates) without his help. Ian took the time to thoroughly explain the SDR position and answer any questions I had. He made several introductions to his network and helped me launch my career at an awesome company. Ian’s advice and mentor-ship is unparalleled and I’m incredibly grateful for all of his help.

cooper hollingsworth.jpg

Cooper Hollingsworth - St. Lawrence Hockey

When I was looking for a new job a friend introduced me to Ian as I was interested in a position at Leanplum. I was expecting for a one call introduction in which Ian would tell me a little bit about his experience there and at best, forward on my resume to get my foot in the door. Instead, Ian acted as a full-time mentor to me, scheduling weekly calls to go over the process and prep questions to make sure I was ready for the next stage. He made simple recommendations that made me stand out from the applicant pool, and they actually worked. Ian is an incredible coach and mentor, and I fully endorse his skills to anyone else who is seeking his help to navigate the ups and downs of the job hunt. I hope to one day be able to return the favor!

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Amelia Burke - Cal Lacrosse

I’ve worked with Ian in a number of different capacities since our networks introduced us 4 years ago. He has been instrumental as a resource for both quality new sales hires and his stewardship of the sales profession. Ian is unique in that his experience affords him the in depth knowledge of both the SDR & AE roles which allows him to vet for the highest quality candidates. He takes a consultative approach to understand exactly what his clients need today and what their intended sales org structure looks like in a year to align to those objectives. I’d highly recommend leveraging his expertise to help grow any sales team!