The Cannon Project: Our Mission

The Cannon Project strives to source a pipeline of high-impact entrepreneurial talent from elite schools and place them in early-stage, high-growth tech companies. We aim to arm our candidates with (much needed) clarity and guidance around navigating early career progression across the tech industry.

High growth technology start-ups present another path 

  • Alternative to banking, consulting or real estate

  • Less structure, faster personal development

Pre-vetted Organizations

  • The Cannon Project vets organizations to ensure they are matching candidates with quality high growth start-ups

  • We only work with companies where we have personal or strong working relationships

Mentorship and Career Progression

  • The Cannon Project will not only match candidates but also provide mentorship throughout early career progression


  • The Cannon Project affords access to a growing network of students connected to the Cannon Project as well as individuals from similar high performance backgrounds



Ian graduated with a degree in Financial Economics from the University of Virginia in 2014 and has worked in technology sales in SF and NY for the past 5 years. He hopes to bring his experience and knowledge of the industry to help high aptitude students and recent graduates break into the technology sector. While he was an undergrad rowing athlete at UVA, Ian realized there was not a clearly defined career path into the technology field, opposed to banking, consulting, law, or medicine. This was the impetus for his work with students and recent graduates to help bring clarity and awareness to career opportunities in technology, specifically for hypergrowth SF and NY based start-ups. He believes it is critical for the Cannon Team to work with high-achieving students, who have distinguished themselves through their drive and ambition.

rost (1).jpg

Amanda Rost - Talent Development & Partnerships

Amanda graduated from Stanford in 2014 with a degree in Human Biology and a specialization in the role of technology in the human developmental process from a biopsychosocial perspective.  Post-graduation, she opted for a career in tech over a PhD in psycholinguistics, a job at an economic improvement nonprofit or a law degree because she was excited about the fact that the tech sector provides the unusual intersection of three key elements to change: the ability to move fast and break things, leverage in the global economy, and opportunity to create economic opportunity through socially conscious and effective leadership. These three elements are why Amanda chose to start her career in the Business Leadership Program at LinkedIn, where today she is a senior Account Executive for LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions business, carrying a multi-million dollar quota and consulting mid-market and enterprise tech companies on their B2B marketing strategies. As a lifelong team athlete, Amanda is passionate about helping other young athletes to transfer their grit, instinct for collaboration and bias for action into successful careers.

cat gee.jpg

Catherine Geewax - Mentor

Catherine graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in Marketing and Operations & Information Management from the Wharton School.  While most of her peers explored consulting and finance positions, she focused on opportunities within the technology sector that would allow her to have substantial responsibilities early in her career, solve meaningful problems, and learn from inspirational, authentic, and compassionate leaders. Catherine found the perfect place to begin her career at LinkedIn as part of the Business Leadership Program and then continued on to be an Account Executive in LinkedIn's Sales Solutions division. After taking 6 months to fulfill her passion for travel, Catherine is now an Account Executive at Sigma, where she was one of the first members of the sales team hired. She is incredibly passionate about bringing people with unique experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives into technology sales and helping them achieve a fulfilling career.

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Peter cipollone - mentor

Peter is a highly technical founder and collaborative team leader with skills ranging from enterprise sales to recruiting and software development. Having founded Digitally Active in 2011 and co-founding InstaViser in 2015, he provides exceptional insight into business processes and development. Peter is now focusing on empowerment and life-long learning. As both an Olympic gold medalist (rowing, 2004) and Olympic record holder, Peter brings an incredibly unique perspective to the Cannon team.

russell dinkins (1).jpg

Russell dinkins - Campus Network Advisor

Russell is a creative strategist who utilizes a global approach to problem-solving that prioritizes creativity and adaptability with a lens toward innovation and efficiency. He has worked in higher education in a number of capacities in addition to industry outside of academia. His communication skills and ability to cultivate relationships allow Russell to easily identify problems as well as user needs to help develop best-fit solutions. As an elite athlete, coach and team member, Russell brings many unique perspectives and strategies to help the Cannon team.

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Brian Law - ADVISOR

After graduating UCLA as a 4-year letterman in Track & Field (400m Hurdles), Brian has spent the last 8 years in software sales at various start ups in SF and NY. He has now turned his attention toward mentoring current and former student athletes interested in entering the tech space or working towards their first promotion. With Universities across the country lacking career services and opportunities focused on the thousands of software companies, Brian and the Cannon team fill a huge void by offering their unique and focused career consulting services.



Nick was most recently on Blend's go-to-market team. He was initially brought on as a "product specialist," a role in which he evangelized Blend’s technology by speaking on panels and delivering speeches at industry conferences. He then moved into a mid-market sales role, carrying a million-dollar plus quota and consulting executives at bank and non-bank lenders on the adoption of digital lending technology. After graduating from Bates College with a degree in Rhetoric and Politics in 2015 and studying Finance and Negotiation at the London School of  Economics, Nick moved to London and co-founded and served as CEO of VendFin, a SaaS-based B2B asset finance company. He has a passion for helping college students find and excel in unique opportunities prior to graduation, having spent his Junior year summer at Tesla Motors in Norway writing a white-paper on the role that public policy plays in the innovation of disruptive technologies and developing European growth strategy.

nick casale.jpg

NICK casale - advisor

Nick brings a passion for early-stage startup sales, having joined Talkdesk as the first Sales Development hire in San Francisco, and later joining Sendoso as the first Sales hire and employee number 3. As an undergraduate at Boston College, Nick discovered his passion for startups by participating in the Boston College Venture Competition. Having watched several friends and co-workers pivot to technology sales after first starting careers in finance, Nick strives to help increase awareness of the technology sales career path at top-tier Colleges and Universities.